Research Workshops at IU Library

IU Library Research Workshops

IU Library coordinates workshops on searching and using scholarly resources. Workshops are run on a regular basis depending on students' needs and requests from faculties. There are two kinds of seminar, (1) Search for Scholarly Literature: providing students with general knowledge about key scholarly databases relevant to their program, skills on how to navigate academic journals as well as how to evaluate information sources; and (2) Managing references with Zotero: introducing learners to the Zotero software - a free, easy-to-use software that helps save, manage, and cite research sources.

Workshop Details:

Available Sessions
Date Workshop Registration Location Time
10/03/2017 "Literature Search" for BME students (afternoon) Closed La1.606 13:00
10/03/2017 "Literature Search" for BME students (morning) Closed La1.606 8:00
30/11/2016 Academic Search (H2BH) Closed Lab301 11:30