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Library Hotline

Dear library users and IU colleagues,

During the online-teaching period, if you want to contact IU Library, please

GIVE US A CALL: 0394561419 or 0914404001



Or you can contact relevant departments using the list below:

  General Instruction Contact
1. Looking for learning resources

Catalog Search

Browse Resources

Talk to Ms Nguyễn Thanh Trà. Phone: 0908070495. Email: Or Mr. Võ Bá Toàn. Phone: 0914404001. Email:

2. Accessing online/research resources

Online Thesis

Journals / Ebook

Accounts Support

Talk to Mr. Ngô Ngọc Hồ. Phone: 0394561419. Email:,

3. Requesting Instructor Resources (teaching staff only)

Looking for instructor manuals: slides, ebook, test-bank, v.v... Talk to Mr. Ngô Ngọc Hồ. Phone: 0394561419. Email:,
4. Processing university procedures 

Deferring/Withdrawing Your Study; Staff Permanent/Temporary Leaves

Students: Email us at Or contact Mr. Võ Bá Toàn. Phone: 0914404001. Email: Or Ms Nguyễn Thanh Trà. Phone: 0908070495.Email:

Staff: Mr. Nguyên. Phone: 0932653800. Email:

5. Submitting Graduation Thesis

Students can submit a soft copy of thesis (online). Please be noted that students ought to submit a hard copy at a later time.

IU Library works closely with a relevant academic department in a given period (when submitting theses is going on) in order to inform and confirm the list of students who submitted.  

Please talk to Mr. Võ Bá Toàn. Phone: 0914404001. Email: 

6. Making material purchase-request (staff only)

Purchase Instruction

Purchasing eTextbook

Talk to Ms Trang. Phone: 0935459479. Email:


Mr. Nguyên. Phone: 0932653800. Email:

7. Inter-Department Jobs  

Please dial the Hotline numbers or directly contact the librarians that you know