Loan Policy updated!

Dear Valued Patrons,

IU Library would like to inform you about new updates in Loan Policy that takes effect from August 2017 on:

  • Loan-Periods are increased for all types of patron:

10 days for undergraduate students, 20 days for graduate/research students, and 30 days for staff/lecturers (under previous policy: 5, 10, and 14 days respectively).

  • Semester-Loan for Lecturers:

Teaching staff may request the Semester-Loan option for textbook items on condition that: 1/ the requested title has at least 3 available copies, and 2/ the borrower is the lecturer of the relevant subject. *Please be noted that, under this loan scheme, the borrower is obliged to return the item(s) before due-date once it is requested by another patron.

  • Short-Loan for Students:

Apart from the existing textbook services, another option is added in which students can borrow up to 24 hours for items in the HighUse Collection (no fees applied!).

The revision of Loan Policy is a response to patrons’ recommendations which have been reported in the 2017 Patron Survey. The adjustments made in the policy have been approved by IU Rector.