Addresses measurements in new fields such as cellular and molecular biology. Equips readers with the necessary background in electric circuits. Statistical coverage shows how to determine trial sizes. -- publisher.


Machine derived contents note: Preface.

1. Measurement Systems (Kevin Hugo).

2. Basic Concepts of Electronics (Hong Cao).

3. Analysis of Molecules in Clinical Medicine (Mat Klein).

4. Surface Characterization in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering (Jorge E.Monzon).

5. Hematology (Susanne Clark Cazzanti).

6. Cellular Measurements in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering (Jeffrey S. Schowalter).

7. Nervous Systems (Jang-Zern Tsai).

8. Heart and Circulation (Supan Tungjitkusolmun).

9. Lung, Kidney, Bone, and Skin (Shilpa Sawale).

10. Body Temperature, Heat, Fat, and Movement (Chao-Min Wu). Index.