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Purchase Request


Textbooks & Reference Materials:

If you are a faculty member and would like to request teaching resources for your course:

  • Check availability if you are unsure whether the Library's already had the items
  • Read Instructions if you'd like to order e-Textbooks
  • Contact the admin staff (in your faculty) who is in charge of requesting learning/teaching resources
  • S/he will work with the Library for preliminary preparation of the request before getting approval from your Head of faculty
  • It is recommended that you contact the Library as early as possible (at least 3 months in advance of the time you need to use the resource)

Consultation Prior to Purchase Request:

  • You can always talk to the Libary's accquisition staff to get help before submitting a request.
  • Library staff will help you check the required titles against the current collections, consult you about the appropriate format that you should request (printed, digital), send your questions to the publishers, etc.
  • Please be noted that: it would save time for relevant parties if we get adequate information about the needed resources before submitting the request form.

Acquisition Procedures/Steps:

  1. Academic Department / Teaching Staff sends a Request form (together with a copy of course syllabuses) to the Library.
  2. The Library checks the required titles with current collections. When needed, the Library will work with relevant publishers/suppliers to check for material's information/availability.
  3. At the beginning of each month, the Library send a purchase proposal to BOR for approval;
  4. The Office of Supplies and Equipment and Office of Administration make purchase according to IU's procurement process;
  5. When books are available, the Library make announcements and prepare for circulation/borrowing.

For further support:

  • Talk to Ms. Trang (Library 1st-Floor, ext. 3203)
  • Download request form here: Request Form

Serial Publications:

Procurement Procedures are similar to books'. Please fill in the request here: Serial Request Form



Please follow the instructions in this request form: E-Resource Request Form