Library Account

As a student/lecturer at IU, you own a Library Account. With the account, you can:
  • Borrow and renew library items
  • Access online resources of IU (Online Thesis)
  • Borrow materials and access online resources from the Central Library

         [Download User-Guide]

Your Library Account is available by default:
  • If you are a student, the Username for your Library Account is 14<Undergrad Student ID> or 140<Graduate Student ID>.     For example, 14BABAIU12345, 140MBAIU12345
  • If you are a staff member, the Username for your Library Account is 1400000IU<Your Staff ID>.   For example, 1400000IU0123
The account and its password has been sent you to via email at the beginning of your study/commencement at IU.

Quick Support

If you have not received the email or you forgot its password or have any technical issues, please send us a notification using the form below. We will respond to your email shortly.



Accessing VNU Resources: conditions applied

Currently, the VNU Central Library applies a registered-fee to different groups of users:

  • Students, graduate students, and researchers: The first registration fee is 45,000 VND, and the renewal fee for the next year is 25,000 VND per year.
  • Faculty and staff are FREE.